From Hollywood Red Carpet + Celebrity lifestyle as a professional actress (a.k.a Sarah Laine)
Serah D’Laine Is now the Founder of STAGE•IIX boutique Agency for personal branding + business strategy + self mastery for entrepreneurs

"I am so proud to say that I have create a life I enjoy, a successful business that inspires me + relationships that feel empowering. Now, it is so rewarding to help female entrepreneurs + executives all over the world step into their highest, most authentic self + build inspiring empires.
Everything I've created, I've done starting with nothing - self made, from the ground up. But ooooh, was NOT always like that.  From the outside, some might think that my Hollywood life was all glitz + glamour. Some parts were - but there was a deep missing in my heart, a void, that even I didn't understand at the time. I was hearing was a subtle inner voice whispering to me but I kept covering it up, disregarding it + pushing it down. I was being something, someone for everyone else but me. And I was loosing myself inside of unhealthy relationships + I played the victim role in every scene of my life. Until one very significant event, changed me forever....."

I was born in Santa Barbara, CA - raised mostly in Europe by the age of 6 into my pre-teen years. I didn’t know the language so I learned to tap into the subtle energy of a person's emotional state through non-verbal communication.

At 12, I moved in with my Grandmother + was first introduced to the concept of me as a personal brand while I began honing my empathy, psychology & emotional mastery as an actress (as Sarah Laine) of the entertainment industry.

Shortly after, I was successfully getting paid to be someone other than just me  - portraying characters in stories written for me. On one side, it was my greatest creative expression…..on the other, I got very good at exchanging my own emotions for the those of a characters – suppressing my own voice. And even more so in the face of my Grandmother's verbal + emotional projections. What I didn’t know then was, I was hiding from my true self - trying to escape from the real me, trying to escape my own feelings……After leaving my Grandmothers house, I kept escaping through plenty of drugs + alcohol.....until one night, a near-death experience (NDE) led me to almost escape my body for good.

That experience changed the trajectory of my life forever – amplifying within me heightened sensory-abilities (clairsentient/clairvoyant).

For the next few years, I experienced deep personal transformation. Eventually making one of the hardest decisions of my life, to put my successful career on hold + finally listen to “her” - my deepest feminine voice, my true self. I followed a journey my soul, my heart, was calling me toward - to further my quest for even deeper spiritual wisdom. Some thought I was running away from it all, but for the first time in my life I felt like I was actually running towards something real.

I packed half my belongings, sold the rest, colored my hair the shade of the red rocks + journeyed to my beloved Sedona, AZ. I was so inspired to dive into the field of personal growth, leadership & everything metaphysical. I expanded my knowledge through transformational trainings, mentorship, meditation + out-of-body-experiences (OBE), studying subtle energy fields & sacred geometry + teachings of subconscious reprogramming.

It’s taken me 15+ years to master emotional empowerment, psychology, spiritual enlightenment + all the crazy, unhealthy love story lessons in between, to find that missing piece my soul was searching for. To finally discover the only character that ever mattered most + realize that I have been the writer of my own story all along… I can now help others remember they're not born to fit in, they are born to find their individuality that makes them stand out. And at any time, you can release past unhealthy programming + rewrite your own love story.

.....I now combine intuitive experiential learning methods with proven subconscious transformational techniques for the integrative approach to mind, emotion + spirit alignment. 


Certified NLP Practitioner + Hypnotherapist, “Timeline Dynamics™ Practitioner. Certified Life + Executive Coach, Content Marketing + Social Media expert

Creator of "Launch to Lead Business Accelerator" • “Power of Becoming” Digital Academy  • “Reviving Radiance” Online Mastery Course 

I am committed to helping you unapologetically stand in your power + create a life of fun, freedom + flexibility!




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