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Single Hypnotherapy Session


The ultimate "Let it go + get back to love" Method

Timeline Hynotherapy™ helps you access significant events, release the emotional trauma + reprogram the subconscious to a desired state.

  1. Get over your ex once + for all
  2. Heal heart wounds
  3. Feel lighter + more free

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What People Are Saying:

“Finally I have found someone who “gets it”. The work we did together continues to provide me with the tools to continue on my healing journey…..just instantly took me to a whole new level of understanding and awareness. Like ripping out all the shit + giving it the finger empowering.”

Natalie Mazzoni, The Soulful Alchemist, Numerologist, AU

“Serah's work is unlike any other therapist. If you truly want change in your life, Serah will help you navigate your journey unlike anyone else. I am so forever grateful for the support, love and friendship that has blossomed during our work together.”

Mandy A - Wellbeing Therapist, London UK