SOUL CIRCLE: Lunar Eclipse Card Reading

conscious living eclipse emotional intelligence lunar eclipse relationship goals your future self Jan 10, 2020

Allll the feels right now, wow!
How are your personal emotions eclipsing, taking away your power.
The moon (emotions, your subconscious, internal dialogue, creative energy) covers the sun (your power, taking action + your ability to grow + develop at a core level)......this is about your ultimate relationship with your inner child, your soul self + your future self.
How have you been hiding in the shadows of your own fears, stopping your from stepping into that next level of being, stopping you from diving into your heart + taking action on what you truly desire. What are you willing to let go of now in order to embrace + embody the next, highest, most badass version of YOU.
So easily forgotten is gratitude for where you are, where you've grown from + where you have the tools to get where you want to be in the future.
You have to give up the comparison game in order to see the gratitude. You never know that what you think someone else has that you don't, is the very thing they wish they had of yours. Look at your own plate, babes. Your only competition is to be better than who you were yesterday.
Leave the past right where it is, because your future self is calling your now like never before. A full shift, a giant leap like you thought would happen later is upon you now. Who is he/she? How does he/she act like? What is his/her deepest desire.










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