HAPPY VALENTINES DAY beautiful loves & lovers

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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY beautiful loves & lovers!

Well this month is already kicking off with wild 💘 And with the illustrious VALENTINES DAY, it's like our emotions are strapped to a rollercoaster climbing up to the top + ready for that belly flip on the way down.

It doesn't help that based on Psychology Today, it says "Multiple studies, including one tracking Facebook breakup statuses, have shown that couples are more likely to break up in the weeks before and after Valentine’s Day."

This is a day to celebrate LOVE, RIGHT???!!!.....OR is it a day to remember to celebrate love everyday & that means love of others AND self love, whether you're single or in a relationship.
EVERYDAY could be a reminder to love harder, stronger, bolder & more free!

Because "V" can also stand for "Victorious, Voluptuous, Vitality, Vulnerability, Vigor, Valiant, Valid, Valued, Vast, Vibrant, Vitality.....AND yes, Vajay-jay (vagina)! Come on, you were all waiting for that one, don't lie! LOL! 

Today you may find yourself in one of the three areas of love.....

1. You are reminding present, while looking into the future of what is being created right now, all the possibilities of blooming love like your favorite cheesy Rom-Com.
2. You are in full swing of self love, toxic love has got you "over-it" until you figure out how to not repeat another relationship like that again. Leaving you on the couch watching re-runs of "YOU" in your best baggy sweatpants.
3. You've been single for a while, gotten kinda comfortable with diving into work mode while you have the best income generating month to dateNot needing a relationship cause you got friends, family etc.....but something is still missing! You miss those nights of cuddles + someone to share your life with like a true partner. 
No matter where you are.....there is two things are for sure. No one wants to repeat the same pattern of heart-ache AND anything can change in a moment! 

I am hearing more now than ever of love landing right in front of people with completely unexpectedly, not "looking" like they thought it would a.k.a "they aren't my type at all" or "they're not even close to my checklist"

Time to through that model of checklist out the window, loves.....the new checklist is based on CORE! And when I say core, I mean core values AND have we done enough core wound transformation work so those pesky patterns don't get projected again thus cycling through another Valentines day of breakups instead of deeper intimacy. 

Can I get an AMEN, AHO, YASSS BOO, please!!!!

So today, today is about YOU! Showing up as the best, most authentic version of you + being the vibration of what you want. All relationships start with you! Be the love you are looking to create with someone + I promise you, it shows up, in the most unexpected ways! 

I love you! 




P.S. If you're ready to stop living an old story + start writing a new future, I can help you using my THE 6 STEP SIGNATURE ROADMAP TO YOUR "LOVE STORY TRANSFORMATION" Embody your highest (bad*ss) self, so you can attract a partner on your level or create more intimacy in your current relationship.....



Conscious Love + Business Mentor 



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